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Golden Gate Park (Raven)

Kerori kite–masa/washi, bamboo, nori paste, cotton string Painting – watercolor and gouache Approximately – 40”x30” $300 Ravens are incredibly intelligent, mysterious birds. They’ve been known to use tools, teach each other skills, and interact logically with their environment. One day in Golden Gate Park, as I walked, I heard the sound of dropping water, though no water was nearby. Perplexed, I struggled to locate the source of the sound and discovered a very large raven in a nearby tree. As I watched him, he opened his mouth (as if to caw) and out came this delicate yet clearly audible “kerplunk” of water sound! They are formidable hunters and I’ve seen them successfully hunting large pigeons. They are becoming more common in urban environments, one of the few bird species that hasn’t taken a negative impact from the expansion of the human environment.